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Erasmus + KA2 project: Sept 2019 - Dec 2020


This is a youth led project that aims to create  experiences and opportunities to explore health and wellbeing and  contribute to positive change in our communities. We hope to achieve this by collaborating with our Spanish partners to explore Tools for Resilience and wellbeing using non formal learning methodology. As part of this project we explore how wellbeing and resilience can contribute to the active participation of youth a and how this connects to the fostering of healthier communities.

10 Irish young people and 10 Spanish young people are  actively involved in this  18 project that began in Sept 2019. 

Our primary aim is to support a group of young people in both countries to identify and adopt an active and mindful

approach to their health, the health of their communities and a healthier Europe and world. The transnational element of

this project will facilitate this to happen at international level. The added values of this is that both partners methods will

greatly enhance the quality and impact of the project. it also creates a space for the young people to share and learn

though an intercultural lens.

 This project aims to create a space for young people to explore the concept of wellbeing and its connection to

community, citizenship and environment. It aims to allow the young people to develop ideas about how we can improve

our wellbeing, where those ideas will be supported to be put into practice. The collaboration with our partners in Spain

will enhance this experience by introducing the intercultural element and considerations for how this opportunity can

further enhance out wellbeing.

In Movemember 2019 our Spanish partners hosted us for a  week and it really was a really wonderful success, where we experienced a lot of connection with each other, we strongly connected to core themes and it was an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for all . Since this meeting we have been doing a lot of reflection and planning now for 2020.

We has hoped to host the  Spanish young people here in Wexford  in April where it was planned that the  focus shifts from the personal to a more outlooking community approach. We were so disappointed to have to cancel this element of the project due to COVID19. 


.Going forward we will have a more outlooking approach and will be thinking now of how as more resilient individuals we have strong er capacity to engage with the local community and take action for change. We aim to explore  more creative and artistic tools in order to achieve this.

So far there has been significant impact on the young people who took past in this project to date. Our week with the

young Spainish women in Suryalila was a very meaningful week in many ways.

The young people themselves responded to this question by saying 'you learn to trust people more'. We've learned

about our mental health and how to overcome your discomforts and learn to be yourself.' We have learned about a

healthier kind of lifestyle. People are taking receipts of the food we have eaten, learning to so exercise. how to keep a fit

schedule. and how to turn an unhealthy meal into a healthy meal. We've learned a lot about the food we eat and the

impact it has on our bodies. We will be reading the labels on food from now on. White bread is poison. We are eating

too much processed food. We learned to e

Learning about the planet and planting more plants and trees and the importance of this for our future selves.

We learned about how to relax. Put life into perspective and to think about whats important. Its helping me to build my

confidence and not be as shy when I'm in a group full of people.

We have learned some Spanish and took part in lots of informal language exchange.

It opened peoples eyes to different types of food that are out there and that its possible to make conscious decisions

about our heath. We learned about what grows in the gardens here and we eat food directly from the garden.

 We have learned about what life is like for young women in Spain. We've learned how to live in a positive community

and to work together as a team.

We used the 5 ways of wellbeing as a tool to go into more in-depth reflection.

Here are some quotes from participants that are particularly insightful, inspiring and that capture the significant impact

that this programme is having. Themes of SelfLove, Empathy and Compassion are emerging strongly.

" It makes me think of a more caring world. We need to practice being non-judgemental and redirect our thoughts in a

more understanding way "

" It’s easier to be compassionate when you are happy. I am learning to love myself "

" Gratitude is easier when you can ‘self love’ and can put yourself in other people’s shoes."

" I’m learning that I am a nicer person then I thought. That I am too hard on myself and that I can eventually learn to

love myself "

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