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HAPPY CAMPERS; Community Action Project


We strongly believe in the importance of connection, creativity and learning for our wellbeing. And for the wellbeing of others. As we enhance and develop our own sense of wellbeing this increased our capacity to contribute to the wellbeing of others. So we planned a community action projects that turned into ' Happy Campers'. This was a week of summer camp activities for children aged 7 - 12 years. We tried to include children who maybe don't often get the chance to  take part in summer camps. 

We came together as a group of volunteers to explore the concept of Youth Leadership and how we could plan, design and deliver a project. All of the volunteers played a role in the planning, design and implementation of this summer camp that explored  wellbeing using creative methods and activities. This initiative as also an opportunity for members of our group to evolve as youth leaders and develop skills along the way, as well as exploring way in which we can make positive contributions to a more healthy community 

Here are some reflections from group members on what Youth Leadership means to them:


We all had skills to contribute and together we planned a programme. We identified the different roles and each took on roles and responsibilities 

Workshops consisted of Pepple painting, Tye Dye t- Shirts, Mind Jars, Badge making, Yoga and outdoor games and activities. 

We collected food from Food Cloud and were able to provide lunch to the children everyday. 

Some Reflections from the Youth Leaders

What worked well: 

  • Creating a comfortable environment for the children

  • Working together as a team 

  • The children loved the activities, splitting the group by age worked really well. They loved the yoga and the tie dye. Providing the lunched 

  • the communication between the group of volunteers worked really well. Especially the whazap group. 

  • Team work, Communication, Skills improvement and development, knowledge, Planning and Prep. As well as friendships, participation, creativity and appreciation. 

Where can we improve

  • have lots of back up games and activities

  • time management 

  • getting the right marquee thats easy to put up is important 

  • On the first day we need to play more name games 

  • Wearing face shields and mask more often & Time management 

  • Time management 

How are you feeling now

  • accomplished and uplifted

  • I feel more confident and happy after it

  • excited to develop this more in the future

  • I feel so proud of myself. I feel like I belong to something special

  • Tired; I feel a sense of achievement and that I was productive

  • I feel a great sense of purpose, belonging and wellbeing from being part of this group.
    Tired, emotional, successful, overjoyed of how it worked. It is a pleasure to be part of this team. 

What have I learned about myself:

  • I can be really organised when I am dedicated and excited about a project 

  • feeling like I am helping someone makes my heart shine. I learned I want to know more about other cultures from meeting kids from other countries.  

  • I learned that I can work well in a group to achieve a common aim 

  • How something so cheap and time wise can have such an impact. That I can positively impact on a young persons life just by my time and my presence. I can succeed when time and effort is used. I can use my leadership skills and how my social care skills can be enhanced and used in a group 

  • Seeing the enthusiasm and hard work of the other volunteers and seeing the positive effect it had on he children that attend the camp was a really rewarding experience and I love to be involved in another one. 

Any ideas for going forward

  • It would be lovely to do another camp. I would love if we could bring them to Kennedy Park or on a nature walk. 

  • we could try to recruit some more volunteers so that we could facilitate more children 

  • Continue this during school holidays. get more funding, day trips, camping etc etc 

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