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We are constantly working towards increasing  our capacity to develop more projects and engage  with more young people. All of our projects are linked thematically to 'wellbeing' which includes issues such as happiness, resiliences, deadline with stress, nutrition, sexual health, movement and more. This is further explored in linking to other thematic areas such  as inclusion, empathy, kindness, creativity, active participation of youth, environment and sustainability. 

Fundamental to our group dynamic is creating an environment that includes everyone - a non judgement, warm and inclusive environment that respects that everyone has something valuable to contribute and a role to play in our projects 

Currently we are working mostly with young women aged between  18 &  26 years as well as a group of motivated volunteers. We aspire to create postive change at personal level, community level that overall contributes to change at a greater societal level. We believe healthier individuals contribute to healthier communities.  . 

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